What is pinpoint inc?
PinPoint Inc is a London based not-for-profit multidisciplinary organisation that was created to identify, that is to ‘PinPoint’ and respond to the ever changing set of demands and needs that are unique to the borough’s with which they serve.
At the heart of PinPoint Incorporated is a highly motivated team of individuals with a variety of individual and collective strengths, who understand the complexities of working with the community, and through their experiences and training have a high level of expertise.

Within our team we have:

What We Do?

We deliver a wide range of innovative and creative ways of working with young people, their families and others in the community that seek to address underachievement and risk of marginalisation – fostering a sense of autonomy and empowerment for all young people, regardless of background.
Activities include cycle mechanics, cycling, horticulture, entry level construction, woodwork, art & crafts, cooking, community development, social enterprise and life skills with mentoring and supported learning embedded throughout our operations.

How We Do IT

The PinPoint Way

At PinPoint, we respect the complexities involved in tackling deeply woven social issues and will be as dynamic and diverse in our delivery as the societies with which we serve – this understanding is one of the fundamental building blocks of our organisation’s make-up.

PinPoint method

Our processes of operation are 4 fold:


using a multitude of research methods, we connect with our communities to identify current changes and issues in order to inform our future practice


we will monitor, analyse and evaluate the outcomes of our research and implemented services to find ways to create progressive change within our communities


we develop and deliver safe, thought-out and specifically tailored interventions that are pursued with passion and dedication

Ongoing engagement

keeping abreast of change and functioning as an organization that fluid, responsive and willing to change in order to meet the frequent ever changing need within the community.

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The William Morris Suite (room 312), Legacy Business Centre, 2a Ruckholt Road, London, PO Box 1, E10 5NP

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