PinPoint Pathways


we care about who you are, where you want to go and how we can help you get there

What is PinPoint Pathways?

PinPoint Pathways is a 6 month mentoring program that works with 17-21 year olds that focuses on supporting young people interpersonally and practically by thinking about their pathways to employment and education.

What are the aims and objectives to PinPoint Pathways?

The programme is designed to provide  dynamic and positive environment where young people can:

  • better determine their direction and career path
  • increase employability and job prospects
  • develop personal and interpersonal skills
  • boost self-confidence, motivation and resilience
  • gain work experience and networking opportunities
  • learn how to manage rejection and set-backs and ultimately work towards a future that is aspiring,         attainable, enabling and empowering

What do you do on PinPoint Pathways?

We provide high quality, relevant and realistic opportunities for young people to train, learn new skills and gain experience, thereby increasing their chances of gaining or retaining employment.

The programme operates in four ways:


2. Group Workshops

3. Interview and Work Experience

4. Graduation and Jobs Fair

How can I get involved?

We are keen to continue to develop and establish mutually beneficial partnerships with communities, businesses, employers and the third sector and have many ways in which we can explore your involvement with the programme.

Please contact for more information